• In-Store Scratch Bakery (including Donuts)
  • Sliced to Order Deli Meats & Cheeses, Salads
  • Hot Foods and Heat & Eat options
  • Fresh Meats
  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Frozen Food & Ice Cream
  • Dairy Products
  • Greeting Cards & Gift Card to over 100 retailers
  • Lottery
  • Stamps
  • Rug Doctor

Grocery, Dairy, and Frozen

As you walk the grocery aisles at Weiser’s you will find a wide variety of products including name brand items as well as our private label, Best Yet. Our Best Yet Brand (along with it’s partner brands, Everyday Value, Paws, and Top Care) give our customers the same quality as the nation brands but at a faction of the price. 

Our Dairy and Frozen departments are stocked with everything you need from a dozen eggs to frozen pizza. We also carry the items you want, made right here in Lancaster County, like Fox Meadows and Kreider Farms Ice Cream! 

Meat and Poultry Cut Fresh Everyday 

In our meat department freshness comes first! We sell a variety of beef, chicken and pork all USDA inspected. Because we have a full-time butcher on staff we are able to make fresh ground beef in the store and cut all of our roasts and steaks on site. This allows us to take special orders and provide our customers with the exact product they desire.

Every May, August and December we give our customers a chance to stock their freezer by buying in bulk during our Three Day Meat Sales. See our “Three Day Meat Sale” tab for more information.

Fresh Produce and Bulk Foods

When you walk into our produce department you will always find a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as value-added items to make your meal prep easier. Everything from fresh cut fruit to our store made guacamole and salsa are ready for you to grab and go! As the seasons change you will also find a variety of plants available including annuals, hanging baskets, mums, and poinsettias. Our produce department also provides our customers with a variety of fruit baskets as well as fruit and vegetable trays. If you are interested in ordering a tray or a basket, give us a call at (717) 626-0271.

Weiser’s Fresh Deli & Kitchen

In our deli department we offer a wide variety of lunchmeats and cheeses, all sliced to order. In addition to the national & local brands in our deli we also offer store made items like baked ham and roasted turkey. For our customers on the go, our deli and kitchen departments create meals, sides, sandwiches, and more that are ready to eat. We also have our rotisserie chicken and fresh soups available daily.  

Fresh Baked Goods at Weiser’s Market

Weiser’s prides itself on creating fresh, delicious, scratch backed goods. Our famous “Weiser’s Donuts” are made from scratch every day. As well as donuts and cookies we also offer a variety of breads, pies, cream cakes, and whoopie pies. 

If you are getting ready to celebrate a birthday or special occasion our bakery decorates cakes in a variety of sizes. Give us a call at (717) 626-0271 before your next event and we will help you make it a memorable one with delicious desserts!